"We always look forward to photo day" Kids at St Josephs

"You never let us down, your photos are always amazing" Langford Ac.



School and Nursery photography by Davina in the UK. Photography by Davina photos

I am 'School & Nursery Photography' by Davina.  

Many years ago I accepted a job as a childrens photographer. I was young and too afraid to decline the position. I'd never so much as held a baby and didn't have a clue what to say to a child. Needless to say that I didn't last very long!



How it all began...

About 10 years later I had my first child and everything fell into place. There was I making silly faces and blowing raspberries at this little being who was smiling and laughing back at me. After my second child was born I took a job with a school photography company whilst building up my own portfolio of schools and nurseries.



I have four kids now.

I am the lead photographer at all my schools and nurseries ensuring a high standard of photography and customer service.

Photography is my passion and my career.  I love photographing children and capturing that special moment.

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